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It is an asset to Science, this City, the Nation and the World of Science to have you all at this Public Symposium at the Science Corner within Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria under the auspices of the Science City Centre Ibadan.

The Science City Centre Ibadan (SSC), was established to be leading science advancement centre, building capacity in science, communicating the value and impact of science and technology in a growing and dynamic knowledge economy and simultaneously building the science, engineering, technology and innovation human resource base in Nigeria. As part of its activities it has accepted to promote public understanding of Science through Public Lectures, Seminars, Science Exhibitions, School Quiz Programmes in Science and experimental demonstrations to generate enlightment within the City of Ibadan and the entire Science area so well defined within 200 kilometers from Ibadan Centre City.

The Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria (IACD), was established to facilitate the access of growing numbers of the Nigerian population to the best that has been thought and written in world’s civilizations through the provision of books, through exhibitions, and through the sponsorship of concerts and Science City Centre has decided to collaborate in this endeavour of mutual interest.

As part of the 2018 Children’s Day activities, and knowing of the near epidemics of drugs and substance abuse across the nation, the Science City Centre has organized a symposium to talk and address the issue involved in drugs and substance abuse. It is our privilege to have ask for your participation as we gather to listen and to learn at this Public Symposium titled “Drugs, Crime and the African Child” in order to engage the Public to address the issue and matters arising thereof. The views as our expert, speaker, discussants and the general audience are very vital in this Public discourse and dissemination of information on our response to the near epidemics of drugs and substance abuse. We have impressive list of Speakers, a foremost School Principal, an agricultural Scientists, a Retired National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), an International Consultant on Drug Control and Crime Prevention, Children and Youth Matters. A Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, University of Sheffield, Executive Medical Director & Visiting Consultant Psychiatrist, A Neurologists and Neuro-Rehabilitation and Wellness Expert.


‘Sweet Sweet Codeine’ a BBC Documentary looks at the cough syrup industry and how codeine is causing a plague of addiction. The sweet tasting opioid is found in night clubs and neighbourhood back Streets in different communities in Lagos, Kano, Jigawa and other towns in the country. The documentary also showed many of the past users who are already demented in Rehabilitation Centers. Codeine is not the only drugs being abused; there is an epidemic of illicit drugs being consumed in large quantities by kids and adolescent. We all need to rise up in response to these epidemics and save our nation’s kids and adolescent.

Looking at what Science can do in this epidemic is crucial for us to come to the nation’s rescue. We are talking of drug and brain function and also look into structure, function and drug interaction. We are talking of mind control and looking at powerful persuasive technology tools to help people get off opioids or communicate with each other on a more meaningful level. We already know how to engineer the brain to be a good little social media user. We can look into the future to engineer the brain to be who we want to be to control behavior to drug abuse.

Science City Centre wishes to thank you all for your kind attention and for your presence, in acts that reinforces the confidence of this Public Symposium, Science Corner activities of the Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria in coming together for an intervention to this critical issue of drugs and substance abuse in the African Child to save our collective future.



Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola


Science City Centre, Ibadan

28th May, 2018.




Ibadan Science Prize

Ibadan Science Prize

The Science City Centre (SCC) instituted the Ibadan Prize for Science as annual prizes to be awarded in two categories:

a. Outstanding Scientist
b. A young person below the age of 30 with promise for scholarship in science and who had obtained a PhD degree in any field of science in the last three years
The winners of the prize in category (i) shall assume the duty of mentor to those in category (ii) from the date awarded.  The first prize has a monetary reward and is meant to encourage and stimulate scientific thinking as well as to reward outstanding Nigerians who demonstrate extraordinary foresight in contributing to the development of Nigeria.

The Science City Centre would partner with University Research Institutes and Scholars within and outside Nigeria in attaining the highest level of excellence in the selection of suitable candidates for the award.

II. Ibadan Prize for science
The prize is open only to Nigerian scientists whose works have made significant impact in their areas of specialization.  The work must be of outstanding merit and of national relevance.  It would have advanced the frontiers of knowledge of science and or provided a specific solution to a major scientific problem.  The material for consideration must not have been submitted for any other award in the year of consideration.  All materials in support of nominations must be submitted along with application.

1. Nomination Process
Candidates for the Ibadan Prize for Science shall be nominated on prescribed forms by Institution or persons of sound professional background in science. Direct application for the prize from candidates shall, as much as possible, be discouraged.  However, in exceptional cases, persons of outstanding merit, who have not been nominated by any person, may forward an application on behalf of himself or herself.

Nominators may nominate more than one person in the same or different fields for consideration for a joint award.
No member of the award board or panel of judges can nominate or be nominated by any person for the science prize, in the year they are serving and the next two thereafter.
Application must be made in six (6) copies not later than the deadline specified by the advertisement for the prize.

2. Appointment of Board Members
SCC shall appoint a chairman and five members to serve on the Board for the Ibadan Prize for Science.
Members of board shall be made up of professionals from Nigeria.  They shall be selected in a way that reflects and represents various branches of Science.  They shall be scholars with wide experience, public recognition, good public image and gender.
They shall meet for not more than twice a year to review the rules and oversee the progress of the prize for science.

  1. Appointment of Judges
    Members of the Board of the Science committee shall select a panel of five judges, who shall rank candidates in order of merit and submit a report.  The appointment of judges shall be done in a way that reflects and represents the various branches of Science.  Persons to be appointed must be those who have  wide experience, public recognition, good public image and command respect nationally and internationally.
    No member shall serve for more than two consecutive terms of three years at a stretch.  They shall meet for not more than five times in the year under consideration.

    4. Assessment Criteria

    In all cases, judges shall evaluate scope of research, depth of vision, thematic engagement and general contribution to the province of science and national development.
    Materials for consideration shall be forwarded to external assessors for further assessment where it needs additional/independent opinion.

    5. Calendar for Prize Administration

    Call for nominations – As recommended by Board.

    Close of nominations (deadline) –

    Assessment of nominations – As recommended by panel of judges.
    Announcement of winner – shall be not later than 31st December of the year for an award ceremony on March 10 of the following year.

    6. Completed application should be sent to:
    Ibadan Science Prize,
    Science City Centre,
    14, Osuntokun Street, Bodija,
    University of Ibadan P.O. Box 22376,

Center for Advanced Studies

  1. Pre University Studies
    Science city Center Center for advanced studies offers a university foundation program that provides a bridge between secondary school and undergraduate studies. Our Tertiary Preparation Program prepares students for entry to university level programs in biosciences, design, engineering, health care, health sciences, information technology, and media and communication. Preparatory courses are also available in English, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These courses are designed to satisfy assumed knowledge to qualify for entry to tertiary courses. Applicants must apply directly to Science City Center.

    Our preparatory programme qualifies student who had previously attained the WAEC or NECO qualification for university admission requirement through JAMB for Direct Entry into universities you need to obtained advanced level certification which we offer after three semester training at the center.

    Preparatory courses aim to prepare students for successful tertiary study. These courses may satisfy subject prerequisites and students may be allocated a selection rank sufficient to gain entry to tertiary study. Additionally, on successful completion of some bridging and preparatory courses, students can gain direct entry to selected undergraduate courses. The preparatory courses available are extensive and can be studied full-time through classroom tutoring by our team of qualified instructors.
    It is essential to check with the institution you wish to study at to see whether the preparatory course you choose will help you to gain entry.

    Available Courses at the Centre includes: Cambrigde GCE Advance Level ( GCE A- Level), TOEFL, SAT, GMAT,GRE,PTE. Science city center Center for advanced studies will help you to achieve your promised career and goal. Come and register with us today.

    Center for Advanced Studies – Pre University Science Course

    This course provides an introduction to the world of science and covers a variety of subjects related to laboratory and physical sciences. It is suitable for learners who wish to train for employment as a laboratory technologist, Engineers, Medical Doctors, etc. The course will equip learners with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to access science based programmes in third level institutions.

    Entry Requirements.
    Leaving Certificate with 5 passes or Leaving Certificate Applied or equivalent. For mature students applications may be considered based on a proven interest in Science. Entry may be subject to interview.

    Course Content

  •     Skills Acquisition
  •     Biology
  •     Chemistry
  •     Physics
  •     Mathematics
  •     Information Communication Technology
  •     Word Processing
  •     Work Experience

One Year – Full Time Study

Course Structure.
The course focuses on a range of science related subjects. Practical laboratory sessions will form an integral part of the course. A minimum of 10 days work placement must be completed.
You will be required to purchase a lab coat and scientific equipment kit.

Career Options | Progression, Mentoring and University Placement

Holders of a West Africa Senior Secondary Examination Certificate/ National Examination Council may progress to further studies at Institutes of Technology/ Universities in a range of Science related areas. This course is very suitable if you wish to prepare for a Science degree (e.g Pharmaceutical Science or Applied Biosciences and Engineering) or if you require a Science subject to progress to further study.

You will be assessed on the basis of:
• Assignments
• Project Work
• Practical Skills Tests
• Examinations

 Further Information

For more information on this course, please contact the science city center office.    Email:

Pre-University Course in Science

This course has been jointly developed by Science city center. The purpose of the course is to prepare students for entry to first year of a degree course in science or a science-related field in a Higher Education Institution.  Some past students have gained entry onto degree programmes in DCU, TCD, UCD, NUIM, DIT.

The course is designed in particular for students who may not have studied science previously and has a large emphasis on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary in Science.

Entry Requirements
A student seeking entry to this programme does not need a previous formal qualification, however, students should pocess one of the following:

  •     Leaving Certificate (Ordinary Level)
  •     Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
  •     Leaving Certificate Applied
  •     Mature Students
  •     A personal statement must be completed by applicants at interview.
  •     All applicants for this course are interviewed

Applicants should have good basic literacy and mathematical skills.
Particular Resources Required

Manuals are provided for some components.  Laboratory equipment and white coats are also supplied for practical classes.

Work Experience Placement

It is important for students to note that the Work Experience component is mandatory.  Part of the assessment requirements for this component is for the student to provide an account of his/her experience in securing a work experience placement.  Consequently, Science city Center can provide some support and advice, it is the responsibility of the student to secure an appropriate work experience placement before the beginning of the course.

Course Content

  •     Biology
  •     Physics
  •     Chemistry
  •     Mathematics
  •     Computer ICT
  •     Word Processing
  •     Work Experience
  •     Laboratory Skills

Career Opportunities/Further Studies
Employment opportunities include working in pharmaceutical research organisations as clinical researchers or as laboratory assistants. They may also work in science-related industries such as clinical trial monitoring or medical research organisations.  Students may also progress to participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

II. Advanced Research and Professional Studies

Programmes and Courses will be advertised Soon!!

Lecture At IACD- A Statement

Professor Ogunmola, Chairman, Science City Center continues in to make giant strides in the contributions to the development of science.

Delivering a lecture at Initiative For Information Arts And Culture Development In Nigeria to an audience with orientation in science studies.

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Science Corner Inauguration

Science Corner was inaugurated under Science City Centre, Ibadan on 26th October, 2017 under the Chairman Science City Centre, Ibadan Prof. G.B. Ogunmola FAS, with the collaboration of Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria (IACD) under the Chairman and Board of Trustees Prof. O.O. Akinkugbe through the Director (IACD), Mrs. Adefemi Bucknor Arigbede.

The Opening Prayer of the Inauguration of Science Corner was said by one of the Member of Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria. The introduction to the High table was done by Mr. Tolu Fagbure.

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Drugs, Crime And The African Child



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Ability In Disability



Starting hour: 11:10AM

In attendance: 120



Purpose: The conference was organized to encourage people with disability that they can do more they are meant to do, create awareness to the world that there is ability in disability and the importance of inclusion.

Program Coordinator:Miss Biose Falade (Convener AID Conference and Executive Director Angel Wings Global Freedom Foundation)

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