Lecture At IACD- A Statement

Professor Ogunmola, Chairman, Science City Center continues in to make giant strides in the contributions to the development of science.

Delivering a lecture at Initiative For Information Arts And Culture Development In Nigeria to an audience with orientation in science studies.


Every society has their own story of their history and their own creation story. The difference between ours and others is that they wrote theirs and kept a library. The creation story of the Israelites was written long before Abraham or Noah. Writing was in common use before the days of Abraham. In Ur as in every important city in Babylonia, there were libraries with thousands of books, dictionaries reference works on Mathematics, astronomy geography, religion and politics.

Abraham must have lived in a society of culture, books and libraries, so are we in our society today but how much are we writing down of all that has happened to us and the promises of God to us as a people to be handed down as annals of the society and of the nation we inherit.

It is indeed an expression of Public good to have established by public spirited individuals, the Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Ibadan that is playing host to us today.

Science, Technology and Innovation are fundamental to development and progress in Nigeria. They are the engine for economic growth and prosperity. Nigeria’s social, economic, infrastructural and cultural challenges can be ameliorated through the use of advancements in science and technology. The categorization of nations as developed, developing or under-developed is largely based on the level of scientific and technological development.

Science City Centre (SCC) Ibadan is where science, engineering, technology and innovation have the potential to leapfrog the many challenges that we face as a nation and also be able to use science to build capacity, and also improve people’s life.

Science City Centre is created to pursue initiatives for putting the world of science in the society’s hnds, and the general public as you interacts with us in our varied programmes in science education, science awareness and science communication in partnership with other stakeholders in Universities, Scientific Institution, public and private organisations.

Science City Centre, Ibadan would be delighted to participate to increase the scientific information of the Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria programmes and for this purpose we have the with pleasure to collaborate with Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria for the establishment of a Science Corner at the Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development in Nigeria for the promotion of Public Awareness of Science and Technology activities in Ibadan and the environment.

We would through the Science Corner wish to mount Seminars, Science Exhibitions, School Quiz programmes in Science and all other activities for the creative development of the knowledge and products of Science in this environment.

Science City Centre would run on a quarterly basis along with the following themes “Matter, Energy, Life and Environment” and promote public understanding of Science and it many applications.

At the inauguration of the Corner, we would define the objectives of the Science Corner and provide support for the provision of information materials and equipment for the public understanding of Science and Technology in Ibadan and the Science area so defined that would let the City benefit from the work of all the scientific institutions in Ibadan and its environment and thus growing a science community in building of a knowledge society to banish ignorance and poverty.


Our top priority is to grow the pool of learners of today who will become the scientists, engineers, health specialists and innovators of tomorrow.

At Science Corner, we believe that the passion for science needs to be instilled at an early age: Primary School, Junior Secondary School to Senior in order to promote the interest and understanding of Mathematics and Science among young learners towards enhancing science education and awareness to inculcate and promote science values in our society through various initiatives.


Scientists and the public in Nigeria must interact and engage the society in increasing awareness of the role, and benefits of science for support to national development and social wellbeing. Only then can we have the successful implementation of the national agenda and the desired socio-economic transformation change we need in Nigeria.



We are very privileged to have Engr.  (Dr) Omololu Olunloyo to give the inauguration lecture on a topic that is so dear to him. Engr. (Dr) Olunloyo is a polymath, a veritable all-rounder, and walking encylopedia and crudités scholar, indeed a gem most deserving to be accorded as one of the outstanding Mathematician and Engineer of our time.


Every nation has its own bank of genius but society quite often either fail to recognize them in their lifetime or knows them and not adequately equipped to manage them effectively. But not withstanding their prodigious ability continues to challenge their environment, as they are usual in intellect exceptional in foresight uncompromising in principles and stands out unique in every society.

We thank you all for you kind attention and for your presence, in acts that reinforces the confidence of the Inauguration of the Science Corner at the Initiative for Information Arts and Culture Development of Nigeria.


Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola


Science City Centre


26th October, 2017.

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